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Your Feelings Matter
“Feeling is the language of the soul. An emotion is an experience. If you want to know what’s true for you about something, look to how you’re feeling about it.” Neale Donald Walsch

As a little girl, I was taught to not trust my feelings and emotions, because they could change any moment. That was some BAD advice. One of the biggest ways women lose their power is when they ignore their feelings and emotions.

NEVER Ignore How You Feel.

Your feelings matter. They are breadcrumbs, like manna from Heaven, with life instructions. Feelings tell you what you need for soul nourishment, happiness and success in life.

Your Sensitivity is a Gift

She’s so Sensitive!

If your upbringing was anything like mine, you were taught that being overly emotional or sensitive is a bad thing. Society has frowned upon something that is at the very core essence of a woman! We are meant to internalize things and be intuitive, to sense our way through life. Our feminine divine energy balances out the male energy. If you numb or completely shut off the very magical part of you that makes you shine, you also shut off your power as a Modern Goddess.

You can learn to harness this power and attract love, money, and success. Tap into your abilities to sense and feel things deeply, and join the ranks of millions of women across the globe who are discovering their innate gifts as a Lightworker: someone who uses their sensitive abilities and Love, the most powerful, high vibration emotion, to heal the world.

We all are intuitive when we are born, but as we grow up, society teaches us to only believe what we can see in the physical world. But you can always get back in touch with your gut instinct. You can remember how to trust that quiet voice, interpret your feelings, and manage your emotions. With the right spiritual life tools, you can go from feeling like life happens TO you, to feeling like you are empowered to co-create your life with Source.

Are you ready to shine in your truth?

You have the right to radically change your life, and be proud of your sensitivity. This is a part of being a Lightworker, to heal your deep emotional pain that keeps you stuck, and then help others heal, and in doing so, you serve your purpose, the reason you were put on this earth.

Trust Your Inner Voice

The first step to being happy when all your life you’ve been told you’re too sensitive and emotional is to trust your instincts – that quiet little voice that whispers to you when you are put in a situation and have to make a decision. Intuition is like starting yoga for the first time. The first couple of classes, you’re flopping and wobbling all over your mat. But with consistent practice, just as you can easily become a master of Downward Dog and Warrior Pose in yoga, you can also unlock the mysteries of your internal GPS: your intuition!

Reclaim Your Power as a Modern Goddess

Once you get back in touch with your intuition, it’s time to face the music and stop hiding how you really feel. Truth is, when you run from your true feelings and emotions, you disconnect from your power as a woman.

Take back your power, Goddess! When you live unapologetically, you can live authentically, and truly express who you are with confidence. And being authentic and expressing your truth, living your truth, that sends a direct and clear message to the Universe, as if you were putting an order for a Starbucks latte. You attract what you are, what you live. Might as well live your truth, get the latte you WANT, AND manifest the life you desire

3 Pillars of a Modern Goddess

It’s a great time to be a woman, but it means it’s time to let go of habits and a mindset that no longer serves you. A time to finally embrace your true nature – a nurturer, a healer, a sage, a container of love. It’s time you took better care of your body, your temple, and embrace your inner Feminine Divine energy, rather than continue to push yourself to exhaustion, working and hustling to survive in a patriarchal male-energy driven society. You don’t have to constantly live in survival mode. There is a BETTER way of life waiting for you. One where you embody the three pillars of a Modern Goddess:

  • self-love
  • self-care
  • self-acceptance

These three pillars allow you to wake up feeling authentically STRONG, equipped with the right tools to live your life well. You are connected, centered, grounded, and you can focus your energy on manifesting soul-aligned desires of your heart: your dream career, business, love, money abundance, and a blissful life bigger than you ever dreamed of.

Lightworkers Will Change the World

I am here to support sensitive and emotional women just like you, Lightworkers who want to change the world.  I’m here to offer the support you need. You can learn tips on being a Lightworker, as well as how to fulfill your part in the spiritual movement of women tapping into their Feminine Divine energy, and healing with their natural gifts.

I wear many hats in this movement: a Spiritual Warrioress, a Modern Goddess, a Priestess, a Spiritual Life Coach, an Energy Healer, and more. Regardless of the title, I ultimately consider myself a Lightworker with a clear and very important purpose: to help heal the planet.

If you identify yourself as a Lightworker, but you’re still not quite sure how to go about it, that’s okay – I’m here for you!

Let’s figure it out together, so you can shine in your truth and live your purpose.

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Most of all, I want to help you feel empowered to make soul-aligned decisions for your highest and greatest good. Remember, your feelings are the GPS of your soul – ground zero of your road map to help you stay on track to your life path, your destiny of health, wealth, and blissful happiness.

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The light in me honors and salutes the light in you.

Venus Aviv

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