About Venus Aviv

Spiritual Life Coach Energy Healer

Hi, I’m Venus Aviv, a Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healer, and Intuitive Medium. I am a Modern Goddess of Feminine Divine Empowerment. I help women remember who they are, reconnect with their ancient spiritual lineages, tap into their Feminine Divine energy, and step into their power as a Modern Goddess. I work with women and help them answer the following questions:
  • Is your life aligned with what you value the most? Do your daily actions stay true to your true feelings and emotions?
  • Do you tend to keep how you really feel to yourself?
  • Do you have the courage to surrender to vulnerability, to show your authentic self to the world?
  • Do you feel like a victim, survivor, or thriver in life?
  • What would it take to feel truly empowered?
  • Do you feel you are hiding your authentic self from the world?
  • Do you have the tools to radially shift your life?
  • Are you aware of your energy blocks?
  • Do you feel stuck in life? Frustrated? Hopeless?

Be a Modern Goddess

If you don’t like your answers to these question, you’ve come to the right place. Trust me, I’ve been there – the world is no fun for a woman who feels hopeless, powerless. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest – it’s time for you to start having fun and enjoying your life in a BIG way! You deserve to have amazing, mind blowing life experiences, to feel powerful and strong as a woman in your work, at home, in relationships, and flow with ease in this way. Once you realize you have always been in the driver’s seat of your life, and that you have the life skills and spiritual tools to change your life, you CAN feel powerful and strong. You can feel unstoppable. I want to help you make that shift, so you can feel truly empowered to change your life. To manifest the life of your dreams. I love to work with emotionally sensitive women who secretly yearn for a deeper spiritual connection, and women who seek a deeper connection with themselves. I support women who want to feel powerful, strong, and spiritually aligned with their work, business, relationships, and creative self-expression.

Let’s Be Soul Sisters!

I remotely coach women privately and also in groups, either over the phone or via Skype.
  • In a coaching format, I create a safe space for you to share your wildest dreams, your biggest fears, and your deepest emotions and feelings. We become soul sisters!
  • I keep your secrets in the strictest of confidence. I will always keep what you share 100% confidential. Always.
  • I share with you the life tools to help you get what you want most in life, which is more love, abundance and freedom.
  • I focus on increasing your awareness of what’s going on in your inner world, so you feel empowered to handle life’s challenges, and accomplish your goals.
  • I offer suggestions and insight based on my personal life experiences from redesigning my life and building my spiritual practice, as well as my professional skills as a Lightworker.
  • Regardless of what I bring to our coaching partnership, ultimately YOU are the guiding light. I simply help you tap into your Higher Self, and trust that you have the infinite wisdom to make the best decisions for your highest and greatest good.
  • I will lovingly hold you accountable and give you firm support by way of emails, texts, or Facebook messages – whatever communication style works best for you.

A Little Bit about Me

I am a wife of almost 13 years, a mother to two young adult sons, and I have 2 cats, named Pinot and Simba. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, but I’ve also lived and worked on the West Coast. I love to travel! I’ve been to Israel, Italy, London and France, and am eager to fill up my passport with more international destinations. Back when I was a traveling IT Consultant, I traveled to most of the United States. But I have a special place in my heart for the Bay Area and Los Angeles areas of California. When I’m not blogging, coaching, or developing irresistible online spiritual & wellness lifestyle programs, I can be found playing with my healing crystal gemstones, reading books on spirituality and energy healing, cooking healthy Paleo/Keto meals in my amazing kitchen, designing websites for clients, or traveling with family.


Skills and Experience

  • Published Author
  • Professional Speaker
  • Professional Blogger
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Lightworker
  • Energy Healer
  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
  • Empath (Clairsentient, Clairvoyant)
  • Intuitive Medium
  • Priestess
  • Digital Creative

My Life Story

Venus Aviv | Spiritual Life Coach + Energy Healer | Cypress, TX | Houston, TX

In my young 20s, I made a courageous decision to leave the church and build a spiritual practice. In doing so, I learned how to connect directly to Source, work with my energy system, and connect with the spirit world for love, guidance and support. However, I quickly realized deciding to be spiritual instead of religious doesn’t mean you no longer face challenges. But it does mean you feel much more empowered to deal with them. For example, I still had to learn how to heal from experiencing trauma from the time I was a little girl up up until my mid 20s: bullying, molestation, mental, emotional, physical abuse, date rape, sexual assault and spiritual abuse from the church. I didn’t realize I had buried all that trauma, and it took a toll on my physical health. I remember when I was a little girl, I was always naturally interested in living a healthy lifestyle. Growing up, I suffered from sinus infections, severe allergies, hypoglycemia, dizzy spells, and in my 20s, I began experiencing acute panic attacks. Read an article published by Institute for Integrative Nutrition about my panic attacks. Back then, a doctor told me I would need medication for the rest of my life. Intuitively, I felt he was wrong. I refused to believe that was my destiny. And so began my desire for personal holistic (i.e., balanced or whole) health, and my search for The Truth. I began researching in bookstores and online, and changed to a holistic healthy diet – I was vegetarian/pescatarian for 6 years. Soon after 911, I found myself in West Texas working as I have been a Certified FranklinCovey Personal Life Coach since 2003. I realized early on the connection with most of my clients: a need for more nutrition and a holistic balance in life.  So in 2009, I decided I wanted to help others improve their health. I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and graduated as a certified Holistic Health Coach. After that, I was so excited about working with healthy food, I continued my passion for learning  by becoming a certified Raw Food Chef through the Matthew Kenney Culinary institute. That eventually led me to an interest in how the body, mind and soul are connected. So I enrolled in an yoga instructor certification course – which I attended twice, but was unable to graduate due to a lower back injury. In fact, I ruptured 2 discs, and it took 5 years before I finally got an accurate diagnosis, in January 2017! I didn’t stop there. I learned so much in my yoga teacher training about the body/mind/spirit connection, and a lot of trauma surfaced that needed witnessing and healing. I decided if I couldn’t practice as a yoga teacher due to my back injury, the obvious next step was for me to study energy healing. So that’s what I did. I became an energy healer. At first, I chose reiki, because that’s the only energy healing system I knew about. I took beginner, intermediate, and then master. But then a friend told me about Theta Energy Healing, and it resonated with me so much that I immediately signed up for Beginner, Intermediate, and eventually advanced certification training. I also fell in love with Deborah King’s teachings, and have found much success with adding chelation therapy to my energy healing practice! The best part of my holistic health, energy healing, and spiritual journey, is that I have finally found peace in my heart, I have healed from past trauma, and I have learned my true purpose: to help other women heal themselves and improve their quality of life through a spiritual practice, complemented with a holistic way of living. My new healthy lifestyle is so deeply gratifying. I often wondered, why did I go through that trauma early in life? I don’t regret anything – everything I went through was to prepare me to fulfil my life purpose: to share this wonderful, empowering knowledge with other women who, for all their independence and sophistication in the 21st Century, still lacked in giving themselves what I consider the 3 elements of living as an empowered Modern Goddess: self-care, self-love, and self-respect. So many women remind me of my dear sweet late mother, who passed from breast cancer in 2009: she was so dedicated to love, care for, and nurture everyone who crossed her path, because it was her gift and this is what she was taught from her church: be a good Christian. However, my mother was also an Empath, although she didn’t know it. Empaths are naturally drawn to Narcissists and Energy Vampires. Unfortunately, her subtle energy was constantly drained – she wasn’t taught how to have healthy boundaries, and how to live like a Modern Goddess: keep your well full. Ultimately, she had nothing left to give to herself. When she passed of breast cancer in my 2nd month of attendance at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I wanted to make sure no women like my mom would end up with the same fate. I decided the world needs women to take better care of themselves, to learn how to do this and still give their gifts to the world. My mission back then, and still is today, to help empower as many women as I can. I am dedicated to helping tired and overwhelmed women return to what matters most to them: emotional, mental, and physical health. Feeling beautiful inside and out. Making intuitive decisions with confidence. Manifesting a life they love. Now, I find joy in working with professional women who feel disconnected, hollow, burnout from living in survival mode, instead of thriving in their personal life. I have taken all the knowledge, experience, and skills I’ve accumulated my lifetime and merged it with my natural gifts as an Empath, Energy Healer, and Intuitive Medium, to help women adopt a holistic approach to physical health. I have developed eCourses and coaching plans to help women balance their emotions, heal from deep emotional pain, and enjoy a deeply fulfilling life. I love helping women feel physically healthy and strong, emotionally whole and complete, mentally clear and calm, and aligned in their Body+Mind+Soul+Spirit. A few years ago, I searched for a word or phrase that embodied this feeling I deeply yearned for, craved at the depths of my soul, and was so passionate about sharing with other women. And one day I found it: Modern Goddess. I call myself a Modern Goddess for several reasons. One, it helps me remember who I am, and what my highest non-negotiable core values are: self-love, self-care, self-empowerment. It’s my archetype, a collection of affirming beliefs and values I embody. Although I’m a certified in both raw vegan cuisine and holistic health coaching, I have transitioned my business focus towards a mainly spiritual and energy work business. Still, I am deeply grounded in my roots of holistic, integrative nutrition. And I believe taking control of one’s health starts in the kitchen, and high vibration foods can improve your intuitive and empathic abilities, so I love sharing my passion for cooking to empower women just like you, who want to deepen their spiritual connection to Source. And don’t get it twisted! You won’t find me noshing on plain celery sticks and eating rabbit food, Honey! I’m am a true Southerner-meet-gourmet loving FOODIE! It’s why I not only attended Alissa Cohen’s Raw Food Certification program, but I also trained at and graduated from the highly esteemed Matthew Kenney Raw Food Culinary Academy to become a certified classically trained Raw Food Chef. That means my cuisine is gourmet, not cafe!

Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy

View my gourmet raw vegan cuisine below.

Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy

I love to write articles on healthy living – visit here for my published articles.  I am also a public speaker and presenter – I have given professional raw food demonstrations to small, intimate groups and auditorium-sized audiences. I offer customized 100% virtual (online) holistic health coaching courses and public speaking for private, public, and/or corporate groups.

Interesting Facts About Me

Venus Aviv

My name has roots in Greek mythology and the Hebrew language. Venus means “Goddess of Love and Beauty”, while Aviv means “Spring Forward” or “Renewal”. Of course, this is the inspiration helping fuel my passion for helping women renew their bodies, minds, and spirits holistically. Woo Hoo!