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Inspiration for Intentional Living
Rituals for Intentional Living

Rituals for Intentional Living

Do you love rituals? I didn't always love them growing up, but now I that I'm an adult, I've learned how to craft rituals that create beautiful, sacred space in my life.  Rituals are important, and we all have them. Rituals stem from our belief systems and familial,...

My Current Obsessions

My Current Obsessions

I love to shop. But as an Empath, it can be draining to spend more than an hour at the mall. So, in recent years, I've really enjoyed online shopping. As I deepened my spiritual path, I realized I wanted to fill my home and life with more meaningful items that make me...

Manifest What You Want

Manifest What You Want

How to Manifest What You Want and Live Like an Empowered Modern Goddess I have this morning ritual where I wake up and immediately start running through my mind all the things I'm grateful for, including being alive. Then I visualize how I...


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