Chakra + Aura Energy Repair

Get support in your healing process with Theta Energy medicine and kinesiology! This is good for you if:

  • You’ve tried holistic and natural healing methods like essential oils, meditating, mindfulness, etc., but you just can’t seem to shake this blue cloud of energy weighing you down.
  • Your energy balance is off, and you can’t seem to clear it with your usual mind-body methods, so you need extra support.
  • You are holding deep emotional pain from trauma in this or past lifetimes, and want support in your healing process.
  • You are an Empath and need additional support clearing stagnant energy from your chakras and auras.
  • You have subconscious limiting beliefs about love, relationship, money, or career, and want to hit the RESET button to attract what you desire in life.

Find Your Energy Blocks

You can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broken. How can you heal or clear a block if you don’t know where it exists? Awareness of where your energy blocks exist is self-empowerment! I’ll assess you and find exactly where energy blocks exist in your body, that keep you stuck.

Emotional Map

All energy blocks are directly tied to limiting beliefs,held at a subconscious level.  These blocks are entwined and amplified by low vibration emotions we carry in our chakras. I can assess and identify exactly which emotions are mapped to your energy blocks, then receive energy clearing to replace them with more affirming beliefs and high vibration emotions. The result: you can experience an energy shift, and feel brighter, expansive, optimistic.

Energy Repair

Receive energy repair: subtle energy clearing and emotional healing on a spiritual level, for your 7 chakras, auras levels, and 13 major organs.  Experience vibrational shifts at the root of your essence, and feel a release from what has been keeping you stuck. I use a combination of Theta and LifeForce energy healing, a higher vibration energy healing form, along with my innate intuitive skills to locate exactly where healing is a priority.

Chakra + Aura Energy Repair

A small altar in the foreground with a figure of Buddha, candles, sand and stones. In the background, out of focus, the silhouette of a woman meditating in yoga posture, seated on the floor.

You’re stuck at an energetic level, somewhere in your 7 chakras, your 4 aura levels, or maybe in one or more of your major organs. And you’re smart, so you’ve tried the alternative medicine route after Western Medicine’s medical exams reported you as “completely normal”. Your doctor says there’s nothing wrong, but your intuition says differently.

My Story

In 2012, I began having lower back pain during yoga teacher certification training. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was an injury, and yoga only made it worse.  I sought advice from my holistic and energy healing peers, and tried many holistic remedies, including meditation, mindfulness, life coaching, essential oil and herbal supplements (like turmeric to reduce inflammation), alkaline diet, raw vegan diet, Paleo diet, detoxes, hypnotherapy and guided meditations, and more.

I also consulted with multiple doctors, had tests done, blood, urine and stool lab work, MRI, CT scan, x-ray, ultrasound, colonoscopy…every practitioner told me I was “healthy” and “normal”.

I tried acupuncture, chiropractic work, even holistic physical therapy, and there were times when I thought I was healed, and then the pain would eventually come back. Inevitably, the pain would always return.

In 2013 I threw up the white flag and agreed to exploratory vaginal and abdominal surgery. My doctor told me after surgery that I was told I was “stone cold healthy”. The pain persisted. I became depressed and lost hope of ever healing my back pain.

Then I decided to try energy healing. I started with reiki, getting certified in a Level I class in Houston, TX. I began doing self-reiki, and receiving reiki from my peers I met in online Facebook groups.

The reiki didn’t necessarily heal my lower back pain, but it led me to Theta Energy Healing, a more powerful energy healing system that works with clearing energy blocks at the root: subconscious beliefs.

This was a pivotal point in my spiritual life, and in my practical life as well. Along my path as a Theta Energy Healer, I met a chiropractor who, after working with me every week for several months and seeing no progress, she insisted I take another look at Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Body.  I took her advice, and took a REALLY deep dive into clearing potentially blocked energy in my body, in my auras, in my chakras.

Turns out my chiropractor was RIGHT. Sometimes our spiritual and healing journey is about finding and following the breadcrumbs, and not getting a whole slice at once. Also, please be gentle with yourself and know that healing is NOT linear, it’s cyclical, sort of like peeling back the layers of an onion, one thin layer at a time. And sometimes we revisit old themes, and our first thought is that we’ve regressed, when really we are just going deeper. There are no setbacks in healing, just deeper dives into what our mind and emotional bandwidth can tolerate at that time.

I healed all the emotional blocks to my lower back pain, and finally saw improvement. I continued taking mind-body courses, doing many late nights of subtle energy research, and becoming certified in multiple forms of energy healing.

I became certified in three forms of subtle energy healing: Reiki Master, LifeForce Energy (for Chelation, Chakra Clearing and Discovery of Archetypal Patterns), Advanced Theta Energy Healer, and Chakredy Energy Healer (for clearing blocks in chakras and auras).

And after working to clear not only trauma and the deep emotional pain and subconscious core beliefs, held in my body from my current and past lifetimes, I have good news: in 2017 I intuitively selected a whole new medical team, and located a brilliant orthopedic surgeon who, after a 3rd MRI, revealed the source of my mystery lower back: herniated discs.

Flash forward to today: my doctor says my discs are healing, and I’m feeling completely healthy again. It has been a long journey, and using this energy healing protocol has been at the core of my spiritual self-care.

I have now come full circle, 360 degrees, and I am grateful for the power of energy healing to help me get clarity and clear intuition, to further  me on my healing path. I have gone from a pain level of 10 down to a 1 or zero – that’s HUGE! And I am feeling much more empowered to manage my emotional health.

I am a trauma survivor, so I will always have holistic + spiritual lifestyle practices and rituals to manage the results of child trauma and being an Empath, occasional bouts of depression and anxiety. But knowing I have the theta energy healing as a readily available resource is empowering. My energy healing, along with additional temporary support from Western Medicine, has turned my life around for the better.

It has tremendously helped me, and I know it can help you.

Kinesiology and the Pendulum – My Energy Medicine Tools

Because I love the science of energy medicine, I also use a specialized pendulum to help identify energy blocks.The assessment method I use is called Chakredy, a special program that teaches advanced skills of the pendulum, a form of kinesiology similar to muscle testing using morphogenic energy. It’s all very exciting stuff, a mixture of physics and energy – two of my favorite topics!
Using the pendulum is very important, because at the root of all energy blocks are limiting beliefs. If you don’t know what’s blocking you, how can you know what blocks to remove?
  • I use applied kinesiology and a blended approach to healing to help you in the best way possible.
  •  I want you to feel empowered to change your life, and you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.
Let me help you increase awareness of your internal world, energetically, spiritually. I intuitively discern which forms of energy healing you need, and I work with your subtle energy of the auras, chakras, and your four bodies: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.
Awareness is an amazing thing. It allows you to identify specifically what limiting beliefs you hold in your tissues that stagnate and fester, causing inflammation and discomfort physically, mentally, emotionally. This is powerful shift work!
If you feel there are blocks at an energetic level, but don’t know where to start or how to approach it, this is a great option.
Sign up now to schedule your Chakra + Aura energy repair for a full body spiritual cleanse.  You deserve it, sweet Goddess!

How Does This Work?

The light in young woman hands in cupped shape. Concepts of sharing, giving, offering, taking care, protection

Whether we express them or not, we are ALL emotional human beings.  Those emotions reside in different places in our body, grouped in 7 major energy centers called chakras.

When you experience emotional discomfort, but don’t fully process and allow those emotions to flow through at all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually), they can clog up your energy systems, leaving your aura and chakras in need of repair.

It’s important to get regular energy maintenance, otherwise it can cause major blocks in your life, including health, relationships, money, career and/or success.

Your interest in receiving a chakra + aura energy repair is a demonstration to yourself and the Universe that you are ready to take charge of your life. By investing in your personal growth and development, you create an opportunity to clear any blocks on a subtle energy level, so you can attract what you desire, improve your health and feel complete joy!

Compare Your Results – Before and After

You’ll receive TWO sessions with this offer: an initial BEFORE session, and an AFTER session (ideally, booked 3-4 weeks apart). Each session includes an overall of assessment, using a Chakredy specially-attuned crystal pendulum, of your 7 chakras, 4 aura layers, and  your 13 major organ. Once I locate your energy blocks, I will perform your energy repair, so your energy flowing and working at optimal levels.  You’ll receive a detailed private report with both sessions.  The report will identify exactly where you have energy blocks, identify the exact limiting emotions that fuel your blocks (for example, “your liver holds unforgiveness”), and it will include my personal recommendations of how to clear the blocks. I will reassess again in the AFTER session, so you can compare the two assessments and identify what got cleared, and what needs deeper energy repair and spiritual work.
Why Do I Need a Chakra + Aura Energy Repair?
You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. You can’t heal and clear toxic energy if you don’t know the root cause: the toxic emotion that fuels the block. And although some blocks can be cleared by positive thinking, affirmations, meditations, yoga, etc., some blocks need additional support of a certified and trained professional – in other words, some emotional pain must be witnessed in order for the healing to happen.
This chakra + aura energy repair gives you incredible insight, awareness, and clarity! It empowers you by allowing you to pinpoint the exact source of what has kept you stuck. It opens the door to emotional freedom, and enables you to create an inspired, soul-aligned plan of action on how to clear your blocks.
The BEFORE and AFTER sessions allow you to compare notes and see exactly what limiting emotions were cleared, and what emotions are deeply embedded in your subconscious – and that will likely require more soul work to clear.
Having this level of awareness is priceless when it comes to healing and being able to manifest love, money, success – because ultimately our subconscious beliefs dictate what we attract in life.

BONUS: I’ll also provide spiritual + energy tools (mind-body practices, earth medicine, etc.) options to help you stay balanced and keep your energy flowing!


  1. You’ll register, pay, and schedule your session.
  2. You and I will have a phone session. During the call, we will identify the problem/challenge.
  3. After the phone session, I’ll perform the assessment and healing, while you rest.
  4. I will follow up with you via post-session email.  The email will include a recap, as well as suggested recommendations for further support. Those recommendations may include any of the following: chakra + organ energy assessment, energy healing, earth medicine (essential oils, floral essences, herbal supplements, etc.), foods to support hormone balance, meditation, yoga poses, affirmations, mantras.
  5. You will have a clear plan to balance your energy, clear your blocks, and finally be free to live the life you deserve!

Your Phone Session

You and I will chat privately and confidentially via phone or video conference to uncover the root of what’s causing your energy blocks, either on a mental, emotional, or physical level. I will use applied kinesiology and intuitive methods to identify limiting beliefs you may hold that are causing energy blocks.  I will intuitively pick the right spiritual divination tool to receive insight for you.

Your Energy Assessment

I will remotely connect with your energy, tap into your aura  layers, 7 chakras, and major organs, to get clear on your deepest desires, and identify which energy blocks are your highest priorities.  I’ll also map specifically the emotions tied to limiting beliefs that keep you stuck or stagnant.

Your Energy Healing

I will apply remotely energetic healing to your entire body, giving special focus on the priority areas. You will need to rest during this time. You will NOT need to be present or on the phone for this.

Your Email Recap

I will email you a recap in full detail. You will determine what actions to take immediately after the call, and the next few days, so you can experience positive shifts for your highest and greatest good.

Your interest in getting spiritual guidance demonstrates to yourself and the Universe that you are ready to take charge of your life. By investing in your personal growth and development, you create an opportunity to clear any blocks on a subtle energy level, so you can attract what you desire, improve your health and feel complete joy!

Love from My Clients

Don’t just take it from me, let my customers do the talking!

Transformational Life Coaching

I came to work with Venus after I had experienced a lot of emotional turmoil and business loss this past year. I needed support and someone to help me get clear on what was most important to me now, to move through some old patterns and to gain some fresh perspective.

I have gone through a lot of change and I needed to refresh my core values, and I was unsure about my next path for my career. She helped me gain some perspective and clarity, which was what I most needed as I was stuck in a cycle where I couldn't see "the forest through the trees" and also needed to feel supported.

I am very happy with my experience working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs support on getting clear and taking action going forward. I am grateful for our time together as it has helped me shift my thought process and perspective greatly to move forward in my life.

Jody Mello

Yoga Instructor

Jumpstart to a New You eCourse

I was fortunate to do the Jumpstart to a New You course. The recipes were so easy to incorporate into my gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle, and my picky husband loved the salmon burgers. Venus's daily check-in with the private Facebook group helped me with my motivation, especially on days I didn't think I could follow through.

The group was a way to stay accountable, engaged and excited. Venus posted though- provoking questions and tons of inspiration! I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to eat cleaner. Anyone can search social media or Google recipes, but you won't get the support and accountability you need to commit and see results.

Lisa Renee


Jumpstart to a New You eCourse

I chose to work with Venus because she’s so active, responsive, supportive, honest, and also very committed to learning.  She’s well-informed and certified - not just holistic health, but also in reiki energy healing. She really stands out from other coaches.

Before starting the Jumpstart to a New You course, I didn't feel at my best because I had JUST started a business program that had me working long hours and trying to move forward at a much faster pace. So, I felt overworked and tired!

I was concerned it would be too much to keep track of, I wondered whether this would add to one more thing to do. But it turns out, the program was totally worth it! I would recommend the program to anyone who is looking for new recipe ideas and could use support on their way to health!

I love the way Venus encouraged conversations in the private group, and reached out and gave attention to those with personal challenges and concerns.

Her inspirational interaction in the group was very beneficial to me because it served as reminders to keep my eye on the ball. It helped remind me that I joined this group to make sure I would keep track of my health and not get too focused on work, so her motivation supported me in maintaining a balance in my life!

Carolina Flórez


Chakra Oracle Card Reading

Since I'm very new to meditation, and have an overwhelming schedule at times, I loved that this program eased us into the art of meditation by teaching us to start small and then build on this skill/discipline each week.

Venus gave us gentle encouragement throughout the entire process. I  loved the short video that summarized that week's assignment - so helpful!


The 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse Program taught me how to fit mediation into my daily life. Venus' coaching was very inspiring, and the experience was interesting and fun! We were able to learn about and experiment with different styles of meditation. This program taught us vital skills to manage or combat stress. Overall, I found it a great introduction to a life changing discipline that gives you the tools needed to have more control and balance in your life - something we all could use more of!


I’m glad I joined the program, as I've found a method of meditation that works for me, and that's do able.


I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone I'm in contact with who is constantly juggling their life. We all have so much noise surrounding us each day, and meditation helps with quieting that noise for a period of time.

Bonnie Harrison-Jones

IT Consultant

28 Day Spiritual Cleanse eCourse

Venus is such a pleasure to work with!  Always good and positive information. The information from the 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse Program was very enlightening, and I am so excited that I've already begun to use it in my everyday life.

I'm learning how to relax more and how to not let others interrupt my inner peace. HUGE for me! I am learning to branch out and do things on my own whereas before I would only do if I had someone to tag along with me.

I had no idea about meditation prior to this program. I told one of my close friends about my meditations, and she was so inspired, she now starts her day with meditation as well as becoming more spiritually close to GOD.

The 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse Program enlightened me on the aspects of mediation and the different types of mediation. I would definitely recommend the program to others. I have begun to make meditation a part of my daily routine and will continue to do so.  Thank you so much Venus!!!!!

Georgia Randall

IT Consultant

28 Day Spiritual Cleanse eCourse

Since participating in the 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse program, I can function better at work. I don't feel the same way about my job.  It's like, my situation hasn't really changed, but how I feel about it has, and my life feels very different now.

My mind is clearer, not foggy, since I learned how to do some 5 minute meditations. I am more motivated now.  Just knowing now that I matter makes all the difference. Venus' encouragement and acknowledgement is Priceless!

I also learned that I matter - no more burying my feelings, emotions. I am important, and I have to demonstrate that by making self-care, including time to meditate, a high priority. I should take care of and tend to my most basic needs as a woman, without feeling guilty.

Definitely, I recommend this program to my all sisters, because they need to know they matter too. I would certainly recommend Venus and her services because she is a Modern Goddess in every way! She is so professional, caring, and passionate about what she does. And she has a vast knowledge of what she is training on.

The most important thing people should know about this program is that it makes a difference in how feel about myself. Working with Venus makes that happen.

Gina Wilson

Assistant Operations Manager

Chakra Oracle Card Reading

GREAT EXPERIENCE! Venus is so amazing at what she does. Instantly I was connected to her amazing presence and desire to help bring clarity and awareness to possible and probable blocks. I love how you can feel how much she wants to help. Venus is such an amazing coach and knows how ask the right questions and seems to have just gotten me quickly!

Dr. Lindy Johnson


Chakra Oracle Card Reading

I came away with a clear idea of changes I should make in my life. The chakra reading resonated with life events that I am experiencing right now. Venus is very thorough and knowledgeable. I felt a genuine concern for helping me create a healthier lifestyle.

I highly recommend the services of Venus Aviv.  During my Chakra reading she was informative, extremely patient and compassionate.  This allowed me to speak freely to Venus without hesitation.   Her recommendations were spot on.  It was as if she knew me or my circumstance.  The reading was accurate and resonated with my personal circumstance.  In the recap, Venus actually spoke to one thing that I never mentioned to her.  I found that to be incredible.

Cynthia Hutson

Assistant Operations Manager

Chakra Oracle Card Reading

Venus is a beautiful soul and is a joy to connect with.

I had never had a chakra reading before working with Venus. Right from the beginning, Venus helped me to feel comfortable and loved. The reading touched on some very important issues in my life and helped me to put them into perspective. If was a reassurance that I am on the right path and to keep moving forward. Venus' enthusiasm, passion, and loved came through even over the phone and made it a pleasure to work with her.

Joanne Stewart Kloker

Holistic Health Coach

Chakra Oracle Card Reading

Working with Venus Aviv was so much fun. I loved the intuitive guidance! It was so spot on. Venus Aviv was so warm and friendly, and she seemed to really care about me!                                                                

She really cares about the person she is working with, putting her whole heart in soul in the session. Her intuitive guidance was spot on. My eyes have been open to the "child like simple pleasures" my soul was craving. Being conscious of those things has brought a new level of joy in my life. She also helped me uncover a major block that I didn't even realize was there! She offered a new perspective that seemed to open up a whole new empowered way of living life. I loved my session with her and would do it again in a heart beat!

Amberly Hollingshead

Holistic Health Coach

Chakra Oracle Card Reading

Venus was very compassionate and full of life when she did my reading - a refreshing combination. She genuinely wanted to help clear any blockages that I have and help me work towards practical ways to clear them. We identified something that made me emotional that I wasn't expecting, and she gave me some ideas for resolving it. What she does is a great gift!

Marcella Castellanos

Holistic Health Coach

Chakra Oracle Card Reading

I've never done a chakra reading, and I have to say - it was so much fun and helpful! I really loved how I had an action plan right after the call to immediately implement. Venus was really sweet and encouraging and I loved all the insights from the reading. Thank you so much Venus!

Katya Sarmiento

International Business and Tech Coach

Chakra Oracle Card Reading

My chakra reading with Venus was AMAZING! This was my first one and I am glad my first experience with this was from Venus. I felt supported before, during and after the reading because Venus gave me the space for expression as we went through the chakras.

My chakra reading with Venus opened my eyes to where I was stuck, what I need to work on to get unstuck and received confirmations on ideas and items I was currently working on within myself. Venus is very knowledgeable in her understanding of the Chakras and how it comes into play as we live our lives.

I came away from the reading with a greater sense of awareness, to begin the journey of healing myself in certain areas of my life and being authentic to myself on a deeper level. Venus truly is the "Modern Goddess" and I was blessed by her in so many ways. Highly recommended!

Renee Winston

Holistic Health Coach

Chakra + Aura Energy Repair

I wasn't sure what to expect prior to my chakra reading with Venus, but the accuracy of the reading, and her ability to read my energy and pick up on information intended for me to hear was remarkable. I felt strongly connected with her and confident in her ability to help guide me on my spiritual journey.

Kelly LaMar

Holistic Health Coach

Intuitive & Theta Energy Healing

Just wanted to share with you what happened when we had our remote healing session last week. Before I talked with you about the pain and confusion I was experiencing (and you confirmed my intuition that it was a psychic attack), I was struggling.

There was a woman I was working with who was trying to discredit me and attacking me verbally, even though she didn't actually know me at all.

I was having a really difficult time trying to understand why and feeling seriously shaken by the experience. As you and I talked and you helped illuminate what was actually happening on a spiritual and energetic level, I was crying tears of relief and joy.

Later that weekend when you sent me healing, I FELT THE SHIFT in my energy.

I felt calmer and more peaceful. I had a difficult time sleeping and eating that weekend prior to that point, but once you sent healing I felt relaxed enough to eat and sleep normally again. Even being a love coach + healer, it is still not always possible for me to always see my own blind spots.

You are truly a healer's healer.

Not many people have the combination you have of extensive healing skills and experience along with a heart that beams true, unconditional love. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Carisa Montooth

Love Coach + Energy Healer

Spiritual Life Coaching

It was exactly at 4:04 am that I woke up in bed, and my head was filled with a millions different thoughts, all rushing in at once: "Do this, do that, do more, and hurry up!" 

I couldn't sleep, so I got up, sat at my computer trying to work. It was futile. I felt useless. Stressed. Anxious. I looked at my phone, thinking who can I call, and I think, "my medicine cabinets - what meds can I take to calm my nerves?"

I decide not to go that route. Then I go outside and I burst into tears, and I think, "Why can’t I fix myself, what is wrong with me, why am I acting like this, what I am I doing wrong, why can’t I focus?"   My work deadlines are fast approaching, I need to work, I need to study,  I need to up pack from my upcoming trip, and suddenly I felt it. Pressure building in my chest,  tension in my back, and a nagging pain in my heart.

I  had just buried a friend and a parent, not 30 days apart. I cried, feeling ashamed that I feel so bad. Others have it much worse than me, I should be grateful, but I feel SO bad. 

Once the tears cleared, I sent a message to Venus. An angel must have heard my cries and sent her a message, because she responded quickly!

She recommended a Spiritual Insight session, and it was just what I needed.

During the call, Venus reminded me of all the things I DO have to be grateful for: I have food, I have shelter, I have resources, and I have love. She help me to remember how empowered I really was over my situation, and her words were so comforting. She held that tender space with me, was patient, and really listened. She also provided me with a plan to move forward, and suggested creative ways to get over some of my immediate hurdles. 

First she suggested, I look at the mirror life is showing me, that should not run away from what is hard, that I look at what energy I am putting out there, that I take a writing course to keep my job, and finally she suggested what we ended up calling the “7 day opposite plan”. 

I left the session with plan to care, empower and love myself over the next 7 days.  I am going to create that list of to do’s and don’ts, for Samantha; and I am going to post those stickily to love myself and I am going to make a testimonial to you all that I have completed step one.  Lastly, I am going to remember to live in the moment and not in the past. 

Thank you Venus for helping me get out of the woods by providing spiritual guidance, and helping me connect the dots to the spiritual world and my life in such a simple way that makes sense to me. You really helped me take a step back, see the big picture, and come up with a clear plan I can feel good about. At a time when life seemed overwhelming, you provided me with simple tasks to step into the life I deserve.  

Samantha Scully

IT Project Manager

I was amazed at how accurate the Chakra + Aura Energy Repair was in several areas!

My reading began with a text from Venus at 5PM in the evening that read "are you eating? I'm doing your assessment and your stomach is doing weird things...". I was floored. How did she know that I woke up that morning with a bubbling stomach that lasted most of the day, or that I had only eaten breakfast with no desire to eat anything else that day because of what my stomach was doing. She had my attention.

During the review of my reading, Venus hit on feelings and thoughts that I hold that was unique to me... some of those thoughts I hadn't shared with anyone prior to our chat. In one area of my assessment she noted that she picked up on my life long interest of being of martial artists and suggested I explore Krav Maga, an art that is not at all main stream when most think of martial arts. Again, I wondered how she could possibly know that for over a year Krav Maga had become my art of choice and that I was planning on attending classes when financially able to.

Overall, I'm really pleased with the experience. I have to admit, I'm naturally intuitive, but I had doubts - I didn't fully believe that she could pick up my energy remotely. I am pleasantly surprised at Venus' accuracy. The reading reminded me of my personal power and my ability to create my ideal version of me. I also appreciate getting a private PDF report emailed to me, with a detailed explanation of the emotions in specific areas of my body that contribute to my energy blocks. Amazingly accurate!

I absolutely would recommend this to anyone seeking enlightenment and awareness of what they should be focusing on. 

Bonnie Harrison-Jones

IT Consultant

Chakra + Aura Energy Repair

I feel like Venus held a light up to my blocks and gave me all the resources I needed to move through & clear my energy. After reading her assessment I was absolutely amazed! She pin-pointed events from my past that I never shared before and gave me specific tools to clear them. On our call, Venus helped me get clear on the beliefs that were causing my blocks, taught me techniques to protect my energy, and followed up with even more great resources to give me a plan of action to clear my blocks! I loved working with Venus! She gives so much, has an amazing talent for healing, and she's so much fun to chat with!!!

Sarah Hart

Visual Brand Expert and Creative Graphic Designer

Intuitive/Psychic Reading

Throughout my reading with Venus I felt held in a warm, loving embrace that allowed us to safely and courageously explore unresolved issues and spaces in need of healing. Venus offers laser-beamed intuitive guidance and actionable steps to help step further into gratitude and empowerment. I highly recommend Venus to anyone dedication to transformation of their spirit and psyche. Thank you, Venus!



Intuitive/Psychic Reading

I really wasn't anticipating anything, just trying to be open for whatever came. It definitely met my expectations, and went above them.   My session with Venus was inspiring and motivating. Her accuracy was right on and she was able to provide confirmation on some projects that I am working on. There was a lot of accuracy and it was confirmation for me that I'm headed in the right direction. I definitely recommend her services - especially those that are ready to lighten their load and start peeling away the energetic blocks!

Tara Gesling

Holistic Health Coach

Intuitive/Psychic Reading

My session with Venus was fabulous! Venus was very easy to talk to, eloquent and clear. She gets to some very deep truths quickly. If you aren't prepared to hear them, this may not be for you.  She got to some very deep inner truths almost immediately. I left with tools and tips on how to deal with these issues that were very helpful.


Angela Danyluck

Intuitive/Psychic Reading

Never having spoken to her before, I was a little nervous. I felt she had a cool and welcoming vibe that made it easy to connect. Made it seem as though I was talking with a friend and confidant. The conversation was natural and enlightening. My reading with Venus felt as if I was speaking with a good friend and confident. Venus connected to what I was feeling and confirmed exactly that. She was clear and concise in her deliveryShe delivered my reading in a way that made sense. She picked up and confirmed what I've been thinking about. I feel, Venus is really down to earth and she offered insight and guidance for my higher good. No mumbo jumbo. Happy to Highly Recommend.

Jamie Thomas

Holistic Health Coach


Intuitive/Psychic Reading

Venus has a very calming presence, it's easy to relax and be present in the moment with her. I loved her honesty in our session together, she doesn't try and fluff things at all, she tells it how it is, and is very professional and genuine. Venus gave me her full, undivided attention: she is dedicated to her work and makes you feel when you are with her you are her 100% focus. I recommend her work wholeheartedly.

Jessica Pattemore

Intuitive/Psychic Reading

The reading exceeded my expectations! Venus is a delight! I really liked her professional attitude, meeting set-up, and the manner in which she prepared for my reading. I felt very nurtured and safe throughout the experience. Venus is professional and it is very evident - she is prepared, and has excellent follow-through! She really is very good at what she does - it shows in her work style. Venus is a fabulous healer and takes her professionalism seriously, as she devotes her energy to each client. Venus covered all of the aspects that aligned with my reading making all of her recommendations individualized and specific to my needs at this time. 

Evonne Hanna

Intuitive/Psychic Reading

My session with Venus was pretty amazing! Right from the beginning, it was like talking to an old friend. Venus is super down to earth and has such a calming presence. She has such a peaceful influence and just put me at ease immediately. As soon as we dove in, she saw one of my biggest blocks right now. We worked through it and she suggested some actions for me to take over the next 2 weeks to see how I could change it. My session with her left me feeling heard and open for change. I can't wait to do more work with her!

Renee DiDomenico

Intuitive/Psychic Reading

I just want to say how amazing my reading with Venus was. Venus has a great inviting energy that makes you feel good in her presence. The energy was relaxing and inviting. I felt at ease talking to her. I really appreciate the inspirational, motivational encouragement from Venus. She has great energy and clear seeing. And she not only gives you the messages, she also helps you come up with a plan for afterwards. I love the take home exercises I could do to help ground the messages I received. I left feeling good and empowered to move forward.  She is gifted and clear sighted. Thank you Venus.

Abigail Mensah-BONSU

Intuitive/Psychic Reading

Thank you so much Venus! I really needed to hear your words to help me understand what I have been thinking all along. You have helped me to realize that my self doubt is exactly that, self doubt and nothing more! Thanks for creating such a safe atmosphere.

Tabetha Roulette

The Chakra + Aura Energy Repair

The Chakra + Aura Energy Repair with Venus was truly amazing...I feel as if veils of illusion have somewhat been lifted since our session, it's actually hard to describe in words. I felt completely open talking to Venus about the blockages that she assessed...and she was able to help tie together what she channeled with where I am physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We also discussed ways in which I am growing at this time and how this all weaves together. This made the experience very holistic for me in terms of healing.

Additionally, Venus provided concrete recommendations that I can implement, and in many different forms (so that I can choose the ones I resonate with). The aspect I appreciate most about working with Venus is that she comes from a place of Truth for me...I feel complete authenticity and love, as well as the sense that she has been there and worked through much healing herself and thus can speak from experience. I would highly recommend working with Venus - the chakra + aura repair brought so many pieces together for me and I am experiencing much more peace and serenity today than expected!

Ginger Harris

YES - I'm Ready to Do This!

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