I feel like I’m living life in high definition

Beautiful crystal gemstones

Beautiful crystal gemstones

I’m so amazed at how reiki has changed the way I experience day to day normal activities. I already knew that I am an Empath and a Highly Sensitive person. But since I completed my recent Reiki I, II, and III training earlier this year, I’ve noticed my intuitive, sensitive abilities have sharpened – it’s like someone turned on the volume and I feel things much more than ever before. The great thing is that although I’m picking things up more easily, I’m not absorbing any of it, because I now have a way to protect myself from other’s energies, or to quickly release it if I do. This has  been a total positive experience.

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My Reiki Crystal Grid – Reiki III ART Class

In Reiki III training, officially called “Advanced Reiki Training” or ART, we learned about the healing powers of crystals.  We each received our personalized reiki crystal grid, an arrangement of various crystals, and charged the stones with energy and positive intention. I’ve been using my grid regularly, as a sacred altar, a place where I go to meditate and pray.

The crystals and stones act like an amplifier of your intentions, echoing them back to you and into the Universe. So it’s like, if you’re speaking to the Universe and sending positive vibrations for your desires, speaking your intention opens the door, and these crystals and stones help turn up the volume to get the message across loud and clear.

At least, this is how I like to view it.

I recall a couple of months ago, I was talking with a woman I had just met, and I said something and turned my back, and I felt an immediate shift in energy coming from her behind me.  I turned around and asked her if she was thinking about a bad memory and she said Yes!

A few weeks later, I was eating out with my husband and picked up a weird energy from an older man sitting next to us. I didn’t say anything until after me and my husband were riding in the car heading away from the restaurant. I told my husband Greg the weird vibes I was picking up, and he confirmed he picked up the same vibes! This man never said a word to us, but I felt the man’s energy, and I didn’t like it. Hubby didn’t either.

The Power of Subtle Energy is REAL

My Reiki Crystal Grid

My Reiki Crystal Grid

I truly believe in the power of subtle energy, and that paying close attention to our emotions serves us well. It provides valuable information that helps us navigate the waters of life. I can’t wait to see where this path leads me. I have had so many other moments like this in the past few months, too many to count. Like mothers asking me to watch their babies – women who’ve never met me before.  Moments of synchronicity where I feel what someone is feeling, without them speaking the words.  Or strong intuitive nudges to go in a completely OPPOSITE direction, even when there’s no clear and logical visible evidence to support it.  And those intuitive nudges are always right.

I’m loving this new perspective on life, it’s like I went from Standard Definition to High Definition TV!

I’d love to hear from you!  Have you turned the volume up or gone from fuzzy to crystal clear in your life recently? What initiated the shift? What is your biggest takeaway?