How to Manifest What You Want and Live Like an Empowered Modern Goddess

I have this morning ritual where I wake up and immediately start running through my mind all the things I’m grateful for, including being alive. Then I visualize how I want to feel throughout my day.  I remind myself of what matters most to me, and set the intention to honor those values, desires, and feelings with conscious action throughout the day. It helps me stay in my feminine divine, and flow through my day like a Modern Goddess, a life avatar I created for myself as something to aspire to, or emulate, for my personal joy and fulfillment.

My gratitude practice only takes a few moments every morning, and it sets the tone for my day and my future. Gratitude is one of several things I do to  manifest a life I love: daily connection to Spirit and my tapping into higher self.

I didn’t always feel like a Modern Goddess. In fact, in my early 20s, I felt like Cinderella BEFORE the ball: unwanted and alone. At that time in my life, I was married to the wrong guy, with a baby on my hip, and the weight of the world on my back. I hadn’t yet found my life purpose, but I knew I wanted something bigger than being a housewife – I wanted to change the world.

They say be careful what you ask for. I got exactly that.

Flash forward a couple of years later after my post-college days, and I was divorced, unemployed, and homeless.  I was also deeply depressed, had thoughts of suicide, and felt like my life was forever ruined because life didn’t go according to what I had planned for myself. Little did I know at that time that my life was going in exactly the direction it needed for me to become who I am today, and enjoy the life I have co-created with God.

But back then, in my early 20s, I hit rock bottom after life blindsided me with one major disappointment after another. I was a victim of emotional, mental, and physical abuse – the violent and sexual kind. I was angry and ashamed that I allowed people to hurt me, and I felt like a target for all the assholes in the world. At some point I reached a breaking point: I was DONE with living.

I demanded that God turn things around for me, “or else” I was going to bring my life to an end.  I had it planned out.  I was going to just drive my car over the freeway and sail into the afterlife.

Crying hysterically and having an emotional meltdown while driving up Highway 290, I was at the point of no return: I couldn’t go on living as the person I had become.  And even though I was only half serious about the “or else” part, I was prepared to do something really drastic and BIG to show I was serious.

I’m so glad God heard my cry and didn’t call my bluff.  Instead, as I drove closer to the section of freeway where I needed to make a split-second decision, I experienced the strong presence of what I know now to be a Spirit Guide. I felt an invisible hand touch me on my shoulder, and although I didn’t physically hear the words, I “heard” someone tell me to be patient, hang in there, and that my life was gonna get better – WAY better.

That presence comforted my emotions and just like a light switch, I went from painful heartache and tight chest to feeling hopeful, loved, and validated. That was the day I decided to take the reigns of my life, and turn things around. That was the day I took my power back. And life has been one helluva journey ever since – I wouldn’t change a thing.

One thing that helped me feel empowered was learning about metaphysics and the Laws of Attraction (LOA). After that experience on Highway 290, I found the courage to leave organized religion and forge my own path with God.  It was a freefall, for sure. I was scared, but determined that there was another TRUTH out there, and I was going to find it my way by exploring my destined path of conscious evolution, spirituality, and enlightenment.

Path of Conscious Evolution and Enlightenment

I made a conscious decision to wipe the slate clean of everything I had been taught and form new beliefs. That meant, of course, that I had to learn how God really speaks to us.  I discovered prayer is us talking to God, but meditation is God answering that prayer. And sometimes the answer comes from other ways, like Spirit Guides, or through our intuition – an internal GPS we’re all born with. We’re born with this super sensory inner wisdom, but as we grow older, we forget. We become disconnected from our inner selves, and learn to only rely on what our eyes can see, what our ears can hear. We live only by physical laws of the earth, and disregard inherent metaphysical laws and quantum physics that transcend time, space, and dimension.

And so we become disempowered to affect change in our lives that leave us aligned in our emotions, mindset, and in body, mind and spirit.

Today, I’m totally tapped in. And never before have I felt such open lines of spiritual communication. No longer do I feel my prayers go unanswered, or that life happens to me. I’m in control in a sense, that I can affect change in my life, just so long as I stay detached from how the outcome. It’s like a game we all play, but it’s way more fun if you know the rules.

I learned to play the game so well that I made it my life purpose: to teach women like you the rules of this game of life – and how to use the natural laws of the Universe to empower yourself, so you can design a life you love. You also have the power to end the self-sabotage and stop being stuck, so you can start getting what you want out of life.

And know that you can do it being 100% authentic, be vulnerable and share your truth, and not hide behind your past. You can have what you want in life without resorting to low vibration methods like using sensuality as a social currency, people pleasing others, being jealous of others, compromising your values or self-respect to succeed, or degrading your self-worth to advance yourself in relationships, business, or career.

Trust me, I’ve tried at least a dozen or so low vibration methods – in the long run, it just doesn’t work. Karma will make sure of it. 

SO, assuming you want to manifest in a way that aligned with your good values like honesty and integrity, in a way that doesn’t come back and bite you in the you-know-what, follow the Laws of Attraction, and trust in your ability to manifest what you desire for your life. Start demonstrating that trust in the small decisions you make on a daily basis, and watch your life start to shift in a way that brings you so much more joy, abundance and freedom, more than you could ever imagine.

Law of Non-Resistance

For this Universal law, just remember this: what you resist, persists.  Go with the flow, trust Spirit, and detach yourself from the outcome of your desires, and Doing so will it will lose its power against you. Release the notion that you have enemies, frenemies, or curses. Neutralize these false beliefs that bad things happen, and instead believe that every life experience you have is meant for your higher and greater good. By sending only love towards a situation, you void it of its power.

Law of Abundance

To achieve abundance, you must first declutter all the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions that block you from vibrating at the same frequency as abundance. This could include social decluttering in relationships, people at work that make you feel uncomfortable, cleaning out low vibration white noise and distractions in your life, both offline and on the internet. Or it could mean letting go of physical things that take up space in your life. I have a rule of thumb: if I haven’t used it in a year, it gets thrown away, given away, or sold.

Also, examine your abundance mindset: do I hold a subconscious belief that I’m not worthy to receive more? Many people are unaware that their mindset is keeping them from having more in life. Work on shifting those beliefs, and you will start to see things change in your life. You want a raise or a bigger home? Do you really believe you are worth it? Struggling to find a soul mate with qualities you want? If you keep attracting the wrong guys, it is most likely the Universe showing you a mirror of what you believe about yourself.

After decluttering and clearing out limiting self-beliefs, you’ll want to start demonstrating trust to receive. This means setting a clear intention of what you want, and taking bold action to prove to the Universe you’re serious.

It may mean stepping out of a comfort zone. Or it could mean you will have to stop pleasing others, and speak your truth. You will know what is right for you. It WON’T feel comfortable at first, but then you’ll feel amazingly powerful – and that’s a good sign you’re in the right direction.

After demonstrating you’re serious by taking clear, bold action, then you’ll want to get support by people who root for you and lift you up, and do whatever it takes to be consistent. Consistency is the magic ingredient for cooking up new ideas and making your dreams a reality. Stay on track!

And one day, you will wake up in the morning and realize that your life is completely different. You’ll start your day with gratitude, and feel empowered, knowing you are in the driver’s seat in your life, and you have the powers as a Modern Goddess to change course at any time.