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Holistic Health, Spiritual Healing, and Emotional Wellness
doTerra essential oils

doTerra Essential Oils

The finest essential oils to help clear your energy blocks, balance your chakras, and supply your medicine cabinet.

Mountain Rose Herbs

High quality herbs, tincures, and teas to help you detox, cleanse, and feel calm and clear.

Thrive Market

Shop for budget-friendly, organic, alkaline, raw vegan and Paleo groceries, delivered to your home.

Food 52

Highly curated, gourmet kitchen goodies for the Domestic Modern Goddess – because you deserve only the best!
The Desire Map

Desire Map Products

Create goals with soul with The Desire Map book, eBook, CD, Workbook, or Evergreen Planner.

Amazon Bookstore

Venus Aviv’s favorite books on spiritual healing, raw vegan and Paleo cooking, essential oils, and energy work.

BrainSync Meditations

Download guided meditations using alpha, beta, gamma, and/or theta waves to tap into your subconscious.

Meditation Mat

Moonleap meditation cushions for blissful comfort. Supports a forward pelvic tilt, & removes Sciatic nerve pressure.

Mala Collective

Authentic mala prayer and meditation beads for anyone seeking a calmer mind, body, and spirit.

Modern Goddess Apparel

Coming Soon!

T-shirts, scarves, and accessories reflecting the free, Bohemian style of a Modern Goddess.

Modern Goddess Apothecary


Custom blends of herbs, essential oils, flower essences, for bath, body, and home.