Chia seeds vs. Flax seeds

Both chia seeds and flax seeds top the list of superfoods. They are
both easy to add to your salads or smoothies for a nutritional punch.
But is one better than the other?
Let’s compare.

Chia Seeds/2 Tbsp Flax Seeds/2 Tbsp
Calories   122   80
Protein   4g   3g
Complete Protein   Yes   No
Fiber   6.9g   4g
Omega 3 (EFA)  5,000mg   2,700mg
Taste  Faintly nutty/earthy   Whole grain/nutty
Storage  Keep for 2 years   Spoils Quickly
Versatility  Don’t need to grind   Must grind
GLuten  Gluten free   Gluten free
Depending on what source you check out, either could win out. If you
had to choose based on the above comparison, it looks like chia seeds
win out, but not by a landslide. Use both. Each have their own
nutritional benefits and are an easy addition to your healthy diet where
variety is key