Today is the second Sunday of the last month in 2013.

Whew! As I reflect on this past year, I realize how thankful I am for so much personal growth and transformation I’ve experienced.  I’m so excited about returning to my holistic practice, and having the opportunity to help many women through my upcoming holistic health programs scheduled for 2014.

I am excited because each one of my programs are very personal to me. I’ve been through my own personal health journey that has been going on for over two years now.  About a couple of years ago, I suddenly began having a mysterious lower abdominal pain – serious pain that was so bad, I could barely sit down. I couldn’t drive or sit for long periods of time I did lots of research, and shifted to an anti-inflammation and mostly raw diet, and began weekly acupuncture treatments. Within 3 weeks, the pain went away, and I felt relieved. But then, the pain came back with a vengeance.  Again, I tried a combination of holistic remedies over about a two-year period of time. I even went to a doctor and had a host of diagnostic exams done, including blood/urine/fecal exams, a physical exam, a vaginal exam and sonogram, CT scan, MRI, X-ray, and even a colonoscopy,  and the doctors came back with all normal tests, and wanted to perform “exploratory surgery.”  I immediately said no, and decided to continue searching for holistic remedies.

And I did. I tried a combination of the following:  prayer and meditation, Reiki, hypnosis meditations, tapping, essential oils, herbs, teas, yoga, breath work, emotional work, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, infrared sauna detox, raw food detoxes, juice fasts, emotional detoxes, and I also worked with several holistic health coaches.  Needless to say, the pain always returned.  I finally decided in September that I had had ENOUGH. I decided to embrace Western Medicine and anything it had to offer to help me resolve this once and for all.  I was even willing to try exploratory surgery.

So I underwent a whole new battery of tests, all over again, this time with a new doctor who I intuitively believed wouldn’t feel threatened by my desire to first try holistic approaches, and then resort to Western Medicine as a last ditch effort.  Again, all tests came back normal. So my doctor determined that scar tissue from my C-section nineteen years ago was the source of the pain, and we both agreed that exploratory surgery would be the logical next step.

Well, I had the surgery on Friday, November 22, 2013, and I’ll have my first follow-up with my doctor on Monday morning. But I’m happy to say my recovery has gone well, despite a false alarm of some pain that turned out to be pockets of gas (yes, I’m blushing) and a trip to the ER for an allergic reaction to the superglue placed over my incisions, I think the surgery was a success!  I will continue my holistic remedies to strengthen my body and heal from the physical trauma of my surgery (In my opinion, there is no such thing as “minor” surgery – it’s all trauma to the body).  But I am deeply grateful that Western Medicine was there when I needed it, and that I found a doctor that I could trust, one who trusted my ability to make sound decisions for myself, for my health.

My Life Lesson

So my life lesson is to listen to your body, and know when it’s time to do something different.  And that it’s perfectly okay to have a blended approach to managing your health.  What about you? Have you ever tried holistic remedies, but ended up choosing Western Medicine to resolve an ongoing health issue?

Also, what did you think of my last blog entry of how I got into the Holiday Spirit?

Happy Holidays!

Venus Aviv, CHHC, AADP
Healthy Lifestyle Goddess