When I was a little girl, my mom would have Fish Fridays and Tupperware parties, and it was so much fun to witness women gathering and laughing and bonding over food. That was their version of sisterhood.

I miss that.


Today it’s a different story.

Women today are so busy. I was just talking with a friend yesterday who admitted she was so busy, that she didn’t know if she could commit to 5 minutes of meditation per day.

When did life get so fast-paced and noisy, that we don’t hear that inner cry…we lost touch of our soul’s desire to just BE?

I think we have become distant to what our souls crave. Women crave deeper connections, both with ourselves and with our sister friends. We all have a need to connect to our soul. We all have a need for sisterhood and meaningful connections with other women. It’s our nature – we are hard-wired for connection. But we deny ourselves the right to be open and vulnerable with other women.  We distract ourselves by justifying the need to constantly be BUSY.

And it’s shows up in our lives.

Without slowing down for ourselves, without those sister-to-sister connections, we find ourselves going through the motions of life, disconnected from our true emotions. We silence our innermost desires, discount our feelings. We may have disconnect from ourselves and our sisters for so long that we don’t even recognize our true feelings…unnecessary feelings of shame, guilt, or hurt, feelings about people we allow in our lives, our careers, our relationships. Even feelings about our daily decisions for self-care, self-love, self-approval. We don’t discuss our feelings.

Another thing we women do: we put our needs last.

Why do women make everyone and everything else a priority?

Where did we learn that? When will we CHANGE that? It must start now.

We pat ourselves on the back for our grand accomplishments in career, our accumulation of the trappings of success: big house, fancy car, designer this and that. All that stuff is a big stroke for our ego. Yeah, it feels good to shop and buy nice things.  I LOVE the luxury of that good life. I can rattle of a few stores I would love to shop with wild abandon: Williams Sonoma, Nordstorm, Bergdoff Goodman, Sur La Table…

But on a higher conscious level, what does all that stuff do for our soulAbsolutely nothing.

Sure, I’ll take the nice things life can bring, but I won’t make the mistake of believing that will satisfy the depths of my soul. I won’t deny myself the trappings of success, because I believe we all deserve and have a right to abundance, whatever that looks like.

But at 42 years young , I want to be clear with my intentions to myself and The Universe that those things cannot come at the expense of my daily connection with my soul.

As I continue my spiritual journey, I look back on my life and take account. I think more and more about my core values, my core desired feelings, and I think about what matters most to me.

What Matters Most To YOU?

I imagine, at the end of my life in physical form,  I would want to have beautiful memories of me spending lots of fun times with other like-minded women, memories of me enjoying close connections, support, love, and sacred space with other soul-centered women. I know my late grandmother and mom certainly had plenty of great memories, as I grew up with a constant flow of women in our household.

Left to Right: My Aunt Trudell, My late grandmother Alvessie Mimms, My Aunt Joan, and my late mother Sandra Beth Mimms.

All Women Need a Sisterhood

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers had tribes, our mothers had their version.  And for our generation, let’s face it, more and more of us spend time each week on social media. All women need a sisterhood. So that’s why I created the Modern Goddess Tribe group.

Modern Goddess Tribe

This Modern Goddess Tribe is a private community for women who wish to actively join a sisterhood, a modern-day tribe, of self-empowered, soul-centered women making positive change of health, wealth, and happiness for themselves and the world.  It’s is virtual for now, but I plan to soon create Modern Goddess Tribe retreats, both in the United States and eventually internationally. The retreats will be a fun time where women in this group can meet up, and show up for themselves, for each other. Retreats where we can dance, eat healthy, express ourselves, relax, and tap into our inner Modern Goddess!

We all need each other. I encourage you to make time to really connect with your fellow sisters. Let’s all stand in our truth, honor our need for deep soul-connection, and not shy away from satisfying our innate need for SISTERHOOD.  And I invite you to join the Modern Goddess Tribe!